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WWE’s New Bodybuilder & Fitness Model Zivile Raudoniene!

  • http://www.snlkumar544@gmail.com sunilkumarpc

    your body is very beutiful i like it very much

  • Heather

    Because Current Big Thing – to see all you dudes singing the praises of some woman whose ‘awesomely gorgeous body’ is partially awesomely gorgeous because she had a plastic surgeon is, well, retarded. Take a woman who is a natural beauty, or who worked hard and never enhanced (Nicole Wilkins Lee comes to mind, now that’s a natural, sexy body), and then you have something praiseworthy – duh. Being ripple-hard and/or skinny with bouncy semi-spherical D’s is, well, hackneyed. Yawn. Hollywood much?

  • The Current Big Thing

    Why are dudes always ragging on fake boobs? Breast implants are, as twentieth century inventions go, second only to the remote control.

  • woooo

    awesome, another chick with fake tits >_>

  • Bluefalcon

    The pictures of Zivile are not filthy, they never can be as she is an amazingly beautiful woman.

    One other thing, Zivile Raudoniene is NOT, nor was she a bodybuilder. She was a IFBB Figure Pro, which, although in the family of bodybuilding, is NOT bodybuilding.

  • rdjonge

    some photos of her are nice but the bodybuilding photos are just filthy

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