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Very Revealing Pics of Christy Hemme in Loaded Magazine

  • squiggy

    dang she has got some big azz nips.I love her, she has grown on me like the bikers’ guy next doors slutty girlfriend.You know the kind i am talking about, the kind that is all over you as soon as the big man passes out in the lazyboy next to you.You know it could cause you serious pain but she is rubbing up against you leg purring like a kitten…oh shiz I have already said to much while the lawsuit is still pending lmao

  • Franchise

    I agree, she was a lot hotter during the Diva search contest than she is now, although picture number 3 is way better than any pic she had in Playboy

  • !?

    Christy Hemme is hot, although she needs to go back to her natural blonde hair though. Its funny to me that she looks like two totally different people, look at her 2004 pictures then look at her 2009-10 pictures they practically look nothing alike to me.

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