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Must See – Velvet Sky Posing In Nothing But Tape!

  • adam

    were can i apply to take the tape off?

  • Max

    I want to make her pregnant, settle down, then bang her every night all night long.


    I find this easy to fap to

  • Tombstone

    nobody like your dumbass comments, Ok well one person did and that was probably your alter ego.
    Now please just Eat Shit and (ok not stooping to telling someone to die)Live a miserable life.

  • yofits

    She has STD because she allowed gregory Helms to insert his penis in her mouth, puss and probably her butt.

  • Tombstone

    Damn!!!!!! For once I totally agree with you. (maybe there is hope for the world after all)

    She is super freakin HOT!!!!

  • Logan


  • Chris

    I’d like to take my dick, put it in her mouth, thrust it back and forth. Than put my dick in her vagina, thrust it back and forth, and put my dick in her asshole, thrust it back and forth until my semen exits in her colon…all without a condom.

    Than I’d leave $300 on the bed, take a shower than leave.

  • bb

    SYM=Joke Account. Not everyone has the same tastes.

  • Stevie

    Wonder if she had to shave her cooch for that tape? That shit is sticky and would hurt coming off.

  • SYM

    shes hotter than your girlfriends you two idiots

  • Wife Beater 3:16


    She looks like a Bella in this set. In other words, yes, she looks like a man.

  • art

    Face of a man….

  • MaNic

    goodluck taking that off.

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