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TNA’s New 19-Year-Old Knockout Rosita!

  • George

    I couldn’t see it either.

  • mark

    I re-watched that match several times and I kept looking for this poop stain and I could not see it. You can go on Youtube and watch the match and I promise you will not find a stain, so what is with the Pat Patterson reference? Seriously I was really trying to find it and since she is wearing white shorts you should be able to see it real good so I challenge anyone to find it.

  • JD

    It’s legal to talk about poop.

  • bloodstone

    people would rather talk about poop instead of talking about this fine hottie WTF?

  • Jushin Liger

    Thats Some Serious Latin sizzle right there…Yummy!!! I don’t care if she did Shiz her pants.I would gladly Give her a Cleveland Steamer After i hit that stuff from behind LOL.Geez I might even let her give me one…she is that damn hot lol.

  • http://mj380766@hotmail.com mj

    WOW! ppl do act like 5 year olds on here

  • poop stain Paterson

    You can see the stain at the end of the tag match from last nights impact

  • poop stain Paterson

    Rosita should tag with Pat Paterson. Did anyone notice the stain on the back of her trunks? I seriously threw up in my mouth a little bit after seeing that.


    does it matter?

  • TomC

    Can someone tell me how these kids are able to get into these major promotions at such an early age? sheesh

  • kane

    that’s one nice looking 19 year old.

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