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Sexy New Shots of Kelly Kelly in a Short Dress!

  • samson

    Erik and Brian and huge f@ggots

  • erik

    @ dk she is cute but imo trish, torriw wilson and sable were better in looks department.

  • DK Monster

    I think she’s the greatest diva in history as far as
    looks go.

  • erik

    @ hey darren great harmanda and taylor wilde won tna knockout tag team titles from tbp. so tna has legit talent female tag team as champions. I don’t know about you bro but i would take sexy and talent taylor wilde and talent harmanda over bimbo hoes kelly and tiffany any day.

  • erik

    why don’t vince just killed divison already. it is full of pathetic models.

  • erik

    @darren have you been watching tna bro? sarita vs taylor in street fight a couple weeks ago. angelina love vs sarita good match. i mean i am seeing good action. sorry you can’t apperciate great in ring action. i will take taylorbs sarita or angelina love vs madison over useless kelly and models anyday.

  • Darren

    erik you can talk all you want bout tna having trained women but with the way there used now. No one could care less

  • erik

    more uselles tits and ass kelly kelly’s on way. lmao because reported on this site wwe is out cating to hir more models i mean no wonder tna owns divas. I mena tna hires women who have indy wrestling training madison rayne=shimmer, angelina love wew indy, tara victoria ovw indy sarita years in mexico, taylor years of indy training in canada border city wrestling. daffney trained at wcw power plant in late 90’s. i mean tna should hire indy legend april hunter and mickie james and katie lea.

  • robert

    she is pussy as hell man

  • chad

    one time on kelly’s expose she showed the whole world her breasts

  • Chris

    She’s SEXY as hell. I love Kelly Kelly!

  • Jay

    kelly kelly this coming friday night on smackdown you should be naked and take someone with you in there.

  • erik

    kely legs looks like toothpicks i don’t find her sexy or good looking at all. just an over rated little model who vince has fucking boner for. now melina, natyla, or layla that is sexy divas huge tits sexy face and great.

  • Brian

    guys guys GUYS!

    your all have pretty low standerds, yeah she’s blond and has a cute mug, but thats it she isnt that great so get over yourselfs.

  • !!FTW

    i still go on youtube to check her expose videos when she was in ECW… damn!

  • Mike

    Kelly Kelly is just amazing. She’s sexy and def my favorite Diva!

  • Jason

    Agreed. Too bad WWE is now PG, she would have been next to do Playboy.

  • Technical

    She’s gorgeous, nuff said.

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