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Sexy New Posed Shots of Natalya Neidhart!

  • erik

    i would love to see natyla in a short binki her summer skin where she was in a sexy yellow bikini was hot in 2008. Also i want to see natyla on smackdown as womens champion layla is joke natyla would destroy her.

  • sean

    yeah i agree with burt

  • Gisako “The Flame” Sunstrider

    She needs to go after the Diva’s Title so the Hart Dynasty would all own championships.

  • Norm H.

    How about Natalya in the next Diva’s Summer Skin DVD…that would be awesome. They need to find a storyline for her soon. She is every bit as powerful and talented in the ring as Beth Phoenix but not being used…shame.

  • Burt

    She doesn’t look bad, but her voice gets to me. Sorry.

  • GN

    these are the most boring pics ive ever seen. shes beautiful but they took these in the parking garage …

  • jay

    I second that. I’d like to see a LOT more of her.

  • baddog_1_2k

    love nattie like to see a little “more” of her

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