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Rare Photos of Jillian Hall Before Plastic Surgery!

  • coley

    Yall Are Horrible. Talking About Her Like That So She Was Chubby Deal With It Not Everyone Is Born A Whore Like Kelly Kelly And The Bella Hoes. Jillian Actually Had Talent She Was Shoved In The Back So The Hoes Could Shine.

  • Darryll

    Yep…I’d still hit that too, She was pretty cute even before. People just like to be assholes about everything. Lol

  • Luke

    the mens wrestling championship

  • Shane

    I’d still hit that

  • me

    are you serious bro!?!

  • centerman

    I never thought I’d say such a thing, but “thank God for cosmetic surgery”.


    What the hell is that? I thought she was ugly before but good god, plastic surgery help her a lot.

  • kriskooo

    omg…ugly,fat…makes me wanna puke. she definatly looks better know. Thank god for plastic surgeons!

  • Randy Marsh

    I’m with wes on this one she looks better than anyone else’s old lady on this thread…

  • Wes

    o cmon guys she aint that bad..

  • nnla

    I like how she changed the looks but she went over board on the lips.

  • Ronald

    I think I’m going to be sick.

  • GIR

    that’s her UGLY then UGLY now

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