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New Pics of AJ Lee Looking Super Cute in a Dress

  • erik

    I could be wrong about this but didn’t former tna wrestler jay lethal used to date her.

  • Jay Lethals sadistic black injection

    “Oh Yeah i use to hit that savagely”

  • me

    someone always has to say disgustingly perverted on the internet and ruin everything.

  • Hombre Malo

    I would eat the corn out of her poo

  • Will Henderson

    judging by her twitter and Trent Baretta’s twitter, i think AJ and Trent are in a relationship as in they are an item. but i like AJ, she’s the sweetheart girl next door that’s not afraid of being a greek girl. WWE just found there geek goddess.

  • really!

    way to many clothes on her 🙂 but yeah gotta love a hot girl comic geek

  • JIR

    I would seriously date her like a long relationship with little to no bull

  • Greatness


    agreed, it is an innocent type of sexiness though.

  • yelissa

    she so cute and she looks so inocent

  • Greatness

    I’d hit it….

    Multiple Times

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