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Photos from Serena’s TNA Tryout Match vs. Winter

  • Gary

    hey kid, dont talk to me as if im a TNA fanboy, i rly dont like either of the 3 big companies….just stating the truth, people hate what wwe does but since they have been around and been the best to do it, people just deal with it….. when its something “new” they just give up on it and talk shit without adding points to their “Shit talking”

    so to anwser your “taunt”, yes TNA sucks, but so Does WWE…so, what does that mean?

  • 2ratedrko2

    @Gary TNA sucks

  • Robinson

    she looked good with long hair and buzzed hair…. but not so good with short hair. just my opinion.

  • Gary

    I kno, i was beinga “smart ass” back, just tired of people thinkin a Compnay can just come in and Automatcily(mispelled) be bigger then a company that has been around since 1952

  • The King of Kings 69


    he was being sarcastic obviously lol but i get what hes saying…hes saying that its a small crowd compared to WWE Crowds

  • Gary

    hmmm 10? i think i see “alil” more then that

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