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Photos of TNA’s Ugly New Knockout – Rosie Lottalove!

  • Harry Lorenzo Goode

    I’d hit that all day

  • Jason

    wow glad shes on TNA because i would not want to watch any match with her in it.

  • lol

    I would fuck her badly.

  • Eiridan

    @Mannul I know right? Daffney’s my favorite knockout. =\

  • don

    she’s not so bad. big girls need loving to

  • Brett Mitchell

    I don’t have a “type”. If a woman is beautiful it doesn’t matter if she is full figured or in shape. This woman is clearly not in shape and not beautiful. Nothing is attractive about her. Including the dimples all over her ass. I’m surprised she was willing to wear what she wore and show all that to the world. That takes balls. But, seriously, this is a joke. Why is she allowing them to do this to her? It’s like she is along for the ride and the joke is on her. People are pointing and laughing and this is just wrong. Not only is she unattractive…she is not very talented either. Granted, she could probably knock me out with that whole ass slam thing (who wouldn’t get knocked out by THAT). But, she is talentless. TNA…you can do way better.

  • cory holmes

    personally i find it refreshing to see a full figured woman in our current society. i especially find the pictures of rosie on tna’s website to be very appealing, god bless tna for showing that women of all shapes and sizes can be beautiful. i think that young women should not be ashamed of their figures and be proud of who they are and how god made them.

  • Saintsman

    TNA was doing so well til Hogan ruined it. Doesn’t beat the WWF days. But it was good. TNA Knockouts used to win if they were talented. Now they moved to sex appeal just lik eWWE did when it ruined its women’s division. TNA talkin about changes. I hope one of those changes fixes everything. X-Division sux now. And as for this new girl. They are just going to make her a big joke. So i see her future very short.

  • ROB

    Wow thats disgusting! What if shes on her period and she just dropped a duece and there wasn’t any baby wipes around. Fat people sh*t a lot more than normal people, and thats not taking into account when its mixed with sweat either!!! RALPH!!!!!

  • me

    wow that is pretty rough

  • dabrat

    i think she looks gorgeous,i want some of that meat on my ass,she is sexy,leave her alone.

  • dabrat

    i think she looks gorgeous. i want some of that meat on my as, she is sexy.

  • Mannul

    Why do they always have Daffney job to some loser Knockout?

  • josh

    pat is right she may be fat but have the one who is perfect to cast the first stone

  • me

    time for a five knuckel shuffel im going blind o baby all that meat and no potatos

  • pat

    and with that
    she would never be in wwe, neither would kong, vince wouldnt ever have a big girl as a diva, look how they made the other diva’s lose weight….thankfuly they dont do that to vicky, tho they pick on her enough about her weight.. i do NOT watch tna, could never get into it, but for this girl i just might watch the parts she’s in, too bad not better pics, she is very beautifull

  • pat

    wow w-e staff, calling her ugly just cuz she’s a big girl? kinda low, kinda pathetic, kinda says what kind of people you really are
    thoes who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones

  • kriskooo

    pxhaxhaxxa what in the hell is that thing 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • Justin Sane

    I’d so hit that.

  • The Pako

    If kong looks like mark henry with a wig on.. she looks like The Big Show with a wig on 😀

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