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Photos of Kelly Kelly Out with Jeremy Piven

  • Savannah

    wtf kelly is a wh*re so get a life people.
    It’s her business if she wants to date, she is 22 for Christ sake’s.
    You guy’s can’t make decisions for her.

  • Sacher

    Wtf you horny ***** Kelly Kelly is the ugliest diva ever to set her foot in the wrestling businnes! She looks like a Barbie from the 80s and has no charisma what so ever. Ashley, Lita and Trish is waaaay hotter than this bitch!

  • Fred

    The tr amp has to have every STD going and then some, she make Paris Hilton look like a choir girl.

  • nationofdomination4life

    It’s really funny how much Piven is interested in everything else and not interested in Kelly Kelly. Please I wouldn’t even take her there and if I did would be spending more time with her than looking at a hat or looking away from her. What a di*k! This guy is an idiot, that’s why he such a bad actor …

  • weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    she doesn’t look to be enjoying herself lol

  • Treg

    I meant wh*re. I really hate this d*mn censorship on this site..

  • Treg

    how many guys has this girl been linked to now? Seriously, what a whore..

  • Wow

    what a total fag he’s pretty much ignoring her

  • Nobody

    Is it just me or does it look like Piven is completely ignoring her? Too bad. I’m sure Kelly is quite the catch and Piven isn’t as special as these pictures shows he thinks he is.

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