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More Hot Pix of WWE Diva Serena with Hair!

  • Starship Pain

    I will miss her… boobs

  • Tony Stone

    I’d tap that a88 any day of the week !! Some of you other guys got a big mouth and be glad someone don’t shut it up for you.

  • Jen

    shes okay looking. definitely not hot, but she does have a great shape, and now that shes with punk (mmm, talk about hot!), she dresses great too. Overall i like her in general.

  • Chronic

    She’s fucking hot lol. Perfect figure.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Stockshark, The people who need lives are the ones who sit here and say serena isn’t hot. Sure, she’s not A-Grade over-made-up celebrity whore hot, but she’s hot in her own way.

  • Big Saw

    Hey she’s not exactly the hottest diva ever but I’d still give her the length.

  • stockshark

    Damm is it a spelling bee up in here ? Did I lose!!! Man just makes me wannna cry!!!! LOL Seriously get a life man!!!

  • Mannul

    At least spell Velvet Sky’s name right. Yes,Velvet is amazingly hot,but Serena isn’t bad at all.

  • stockshark

    Now as for hot hineys I say take a look at Velvet Skye making a ring entrace!!!! BTW I take the face into consideration too !!! LOL

  • stockshark

    Damm if thats hot to you all then DAMN!!!

  • Matt

    id still hit it, hair or no hair. 😛

  • jose

    she has a nice hiney 🙂

  • for real ?

    agreed Sean. to each his own, brother

  • Sean

    Lets see some pics of your girlfriend then stockshark.

  • stockshark28

    SHE IS NOT HOT!!!!

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