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Melina’s Final WWE Shoot – Looking Sexy in All Black

  • TaskMasters’ 3rd cousin twice removed

    I couldn’t agree more.Nobody should ever be happy that a person they don’t really know has lost their job.It is sad that what people read on the dirt sheets they take as word of god and act like they have seen her act bad in person.I met her at a signing once and she was as sweet as can be to my 12 yr old son and was nothing short of polite to everyone in line.Funny thing is on another personal note we met trish about 6 yrs ago and she was very short with everone and wouldnt even look up at people.She just signed autongraphs and we were asked to move on.Not saying she is a bitch, just saying people have bad days and she shouldn’t be scorned for a couple of decisions she made in her life by people who have never even met her.

  • Wateva

    Damn u guys really need to stop hating on melina so much why would u even get on this page if u dont like the girl BTW shes not a prostitute she doest charge for sex.. & she looks SEXY!!

  • yelissa

    and im not lesbian.

  • yelissa

    matt melina is a prostitute and i dont like that type of women ok.

  • http://melina ruben

    she did her thing but she was a great wreslher and she did it right too was hard to beat

  • Matt


    Just for this comment, you deserve to be fired from your job, just to see if you will be happy about it.

  • Kris

    she not a Milf she has no kids

  • yelissa

    im so happy this bitch is released.

  • wAnxTa

    Are you serious bro ???!?!?!? This woman is one hell of a milf !

  • Greatness


    I agree but honestly if she showed up at your door like that, you probably would jizz all over yourself.

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