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Matt Hardy With Hot Glamour Model Girlfriend Reby Sky

  • Jushin Liger

    @Joe,Zach And Gargoyle:
    Sorry it took so long for me to respond.To answer your question I have a great Job As a Liason Between 2 fortune 1000 companies.I am very good at it and I believe I have lived up to my potential with the skill set My education has given me,Unlike FATT and METH Hardy.I see they could be making 10 times as much money,Alot more decorated and way more accomplished and it makes me sick.All That talent Wasted with Nothing but a permanent backseat positon for one and possible prison for the other, to show for it.These are Guys that our shildren have looked up to as Superstars.I believe wrestlers who are fortunate enough to make that kind of money have an obligation to carry themselves in a professional manner at all times.If These Wrestlers were held accountable like Other profession athletes, At least then Maybe wrestling wouldn’t be considered a sport only for the uneducated rednecks. If that were to happen then, Maybe just maybe, I could Hold my head High like I did in 1983 at the age of 4 (after witnessing my first live match) And exclaim to the world That I am Still a wrestling Fan.

  • gargoylerich

    @Jushin Liger
    Jealous much?

  • Zach


    To answer your question, a fat 12 year old.

  • JOE

    @jushin liger if matt hardy lives in a million dollar home and you obviously dont what does that make you?

  • rko

    It’s all confidence. It doesn’t matter of how much of a quack he can be.

  • k91xxx

    lita who!?!?! shane said he get bitches !!! upgrade!!!

  • Matt who?

    i wonder how long until she cheats on him

  • Jushin Liger

    Don’t let the makeup fool ya.She is just a little Bisexual money grubbing Hoebag from Flushing, Queens.She is a perfect match for Trailer Park Matt and His Methhead Brothers’ Family.Sorry But They all Really piss me off, So much Talent and Money wasted on these Jackoffs.

  • JOE

    he got them green backs

  • Dave

    How does a nut job like this get hot chicks to date him?

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