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Maryse Sporting Only Underwear and Less – Must-See Gallery

  • brian

    she has camel toe in almost all pics. not complaining!

  • me

    Hey Quebec ur your own nation than print your own money , and stop using our government good job goof , learn your own history , your still apart of canada and if not get the fuck out

  • drg

    Maryse was born in Montreal but raised in new brunswick just to set the record straight. doesnt matter either way shes CANADIAN.

  • shibby

    soo perfect… her and trish are two best loooking women…. ever!

  • magiciannight

    over 106,880 views! 18 posts!and half of them are writeing about what to call her! What the HELL!!!! I would call this beautiful woman anything she wanted me to,If she would just call me ONE TIME!

  • mike

    quebec = bougon

  • mj


    you and the rest of the separatist are nothing but greedy and lazy, you take everything Canada has to offer willingly yet trash the country at every opportunity. I would love to see Quebec go, which is what you want, however you also want to keep our currency, retirement benefits, our health care – lets face it Quebec can’t stand out on it’s own and even your own politicians no this, if another referendum happens, lets see how much votes you get if separating means you start from scratch as in you get NOTHING CANADIAN, your an ass with no clue, oh and she’s from New Brunswick dumb ass so she’s a maritimer

  • Chucky

    She is actually from New Bruswick….sorry quebec

  • alex

    if youre not part of canada,or canadian,feel free to pay back all the CANADIAN tax payers money that has gone towards so many QUEBEC projects ,etc.

  • Joe

    STFU Quebecer, It’s pictures, for god sakes, what the hell is the point of arguing about Quebec on this page?

  • micheal

    wow i would luv 2 f*** her just tooooo sexy

  • Quebecer

    To proud Canadian

    I don’t give a damn about what you Canadians think. You are American wannabes that still have love for the Queen. And Anthony, YOU go and get a god dam clue and learn the history of your so called “great” country.

  • Kc

    my my my maybe fake but mighty fine

  • Wrestling GOD

    Holy Hell man she’s fucking fine as fuck 🙂

  • Anthony

    Qeubecer…get a god dam clue

  • The Stunner

    She’s Canadian and had a decent plastic surgeon.

  • Proud Canadian

    LOL @ separatists, you’re Canadian deal with it.

  • Quebecer

    keith learmonth

    Quebec is a nation (culturaly) as it is different from the rest of Canada, so she should be refered to as a Quebecer. French canadian is a term that was used a century ago, no one uses that term anymore.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Quebecer… Quebec is a province of canada, hence she is canadian by nationality.. albeit French Canadian.

  • Hermes1969

    Actually, baddog, I don’t think Canada (or Quebec) had anything to do with that blonde…Clairol maybe…but not Canada (or Quebec). Still, very nice to look at no doubt about it.

  • Quebecer


    She comes from Quebec, which is very different from Canada so don’t mix the two of them.

  • greg

    Ummmm…. holy crap! These are awesome!

    Sorry, I’d have tried to think of something more poetic but my mind seems to lack blood… maybe it’s all running somewhere else?

  • baddog_1_2k

    WOW canada can sure make a good blonde

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