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Maryse Showing Off Her Bikini Body for Summum Magazine

  • ED.F

    You know what would be great if she was a porn star :D

  • Michael

    Just AMAZING. Is it possible to get her and Velvet Shy in the same shot? That would be perfect.

  • Grim Reaper

    I am glad she barely has her pussy covered

  • Grim Reaper

    I like her goodies

  • Dirt Devil

    I’M 20 bahahahahaha what a twit….thats all I’m saying!

  • hell yeah

    yeah…she is dammnnn hot man..but my all time fav will always be Torrie Wilson..!!!uuuffff…just recalled her match with sable in judgement day 2003…woo….

  • Phung Daniel

    Maryse is hot no matter how those little stupid kids thought. Her boobs is fantastic and make me go crazy all the time :). Hard to find a man not to love her except gay :)).

  • Heat Daddy

    Maryse is fine and that’s that.

  • Zach


    Dude her ass is fine. From her fact to her chest to her eyes and so on. She’s gorgeous. A girl doesn’t need an ass the size of a 450 pound woman to make her look good. As long as it’s round and tight I’ll take it. lol

  • Kris

    lol.. funyn stuff,,, they are amde not to burst but that would be a funny site.. all of a sudden one of kelly kelly’s, gail kim’s, angleinas, or velvets breasts looking liek a balloon with the air released..lol

  • erik

    @justin i agree with that about women in wrestling with fake boobs. I mean it is not like they are tv stars or make apperances like pam anderson. There is falling on head back chest one gut buster or flapjack those fake tits will burst like water baloons!

  • Justin Sane

    I mean, I love Maryse. She’s Canadian, like myself.
    But, imo, Mickie James was a lot hotter than Maryse, but she was teased about it.

    I know that there are tons of women in the wrestling industry with implants, Kris. No need for the “well-thought” sarcasm.

    And why do they have implants if they’re involved in a contact sport??
    That’s like having getting your d*ck chopped and deciding to do porn, afterward.

  • Kris

    sorry nto eric but jsutin

  • Kris

    i Knw aint saying that… just saying eric was tearign maryse apart,… so i was jsut curious who he was dating,,, and my first post was filled with sarcasm

  • erik

    @kris i have seen better looking women divas than maryse. trish stratus is alot better looking and could wrestle and still can wrestle and good mic skills.

  • Kris

    so justin,, just curious which famous diva, knockout or other famous model or athlete you are diddling where yo can put down maryse..

  • Kris

    OMG<< A female in the professional wrestling with fake chest… say it aint sooo. whats the world coming too..lol
    hint of sarcasm

  • Justin Sane

    Dirt Devil, I’m 20.

    And that statement makes you seem like a pedophile.
    Maybe one day you’ll stop touching little kids, you perv.

  • Dirt Devil

    Justine Sane,

    you just sit there at home with your little Happy meal pooch looking at your one inch wonder and quesioning why none of the little girls on the playground will touch it. You are a fool making any kind of statement like that. But maybe someday you’ll grow up.

  • Justin Sane

    I can’t say S*xy, but I can say “boobs”??
    She has s*x appeal, yeah, but she just can’t claim the title of “S*xy”
    Her boobs: Fake
    Her a*s: Flat.
    So what else do you have?

  • Justin Sane

    She has sex appeal, yeah, but she just can’t claim the title of “Sexy”
    Her boobs: Fake
    Her a*s: Flat.
    So what else do you have?

  • damkat

    Wow…that is all….Wow

  • Adam

    Sexy & HOT Maryse

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