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Lots Of Very Revealing Kelly Kelly Candid Pictures

  • Andrew

    She can set on my face anytime she wants too !!!

  • marc

    who is that at picture 12?

  • http://jik@213.com Mike

    Well Said Mason. Well said. Wasn’t this the moron who said that Jillian was hotter than Kelly Kelly?

  • Mason

    @ Erik. Tiffany had already done playboy. Everytime people post on Kelly Kelly, you go something ignorant to say. If you don’t like her, good for you. That’s your opinion. You don’t hear any of the guys here say Maryse is ugly or anything. I honestly prefer Kelly cause she is real and not silicon like that bimbo of Maryse. So if you don’t have anything to say, please don’t.

  • erik

    @mason that is why tiffany did playboy in 2009? I mean tiffany did playboy in 2009 when she was part of wwe so 90 pound sticks and bones kelly can do playboy if she wanted.

  • erik

    maryse is million times better looking than kelly kelly i mean kelly is sticks and bones she is not even good looking.

  • Mason

    I love pic 5. One thing’s for sure, if WWE wasn’t PG, Kelly would have the next Diva to do Playboy. Damn you WWE for going soft!!!

  • tj

    Awesome pics, is that Maria in pic #14?!

  • JD

    Oh my my, oh hell yea pics 5 & 11 are just to sweet!!!!!!

  • Chris

    Great @ss. Kelly has a wonderful body and she is eautiul. My current fav diva at the moment.

  • short man420

    id love to stick my D.I.C.K in Kelly’s A.S.S

  • damkat

    I like #13….man I could look at that a.s.s. all day long..

  • Zach

    TV14* .

  • squiggy

    damn i miss the pg-14 era and all the beautiful women that came with it lol.no seriously bring back the good times wwe!!!!!!!

  • Guapo

    Pictures 5 and 11 are my favorites. Mamacita!

  • Mike

    100% Agreed.Kelly has an AMAZING ass…

  • Gregg

    Damn those were the days. Damn WWE for going PG. Kelly is smokin’ HOT!

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