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Lots of Recent & Kinda Bizarre Modeling Photos of Chyna!

  • Kevin

    She looks a little better and not as messed up because she stopped using drugs. She drinks but she doesn’t do heavy drugs anymore which is good. i guess

  • Derek

    She looks better than she has in a long time. NOT saying she looks good… But atleast she looks sober-ish now…. Not as strung out.

  • MATT

    she is ugly if ugly had a face

  • marcellus wallace

    i have beaten it to chynas playboy pics so many times. cant argue that she looks hot. got some damn nice t ittys. id hit it now

  • Shultzie

    I think, with all the crap she has gone through, she looks better now than before.

  • Frank Parker

    oooppps,sorry bout my language.

  • Frank Parker

    How many photo’s was she sober for?Ah hell,i would still fuck the shit out of her,if HHH hasn’t screwed up the works.

  • Sym

    nipple in 29 as well

  • Mog

    yeah she’s never been hot but i think shes prob achieved what she wanted with these photos. bottom line is she just looks like the average over the hill woman now and no less attractive than most of the women in wrestling which in all truth are ultra ugly. if u look to wrestling women with fake tits and plastic faces for looks ur as messed up as they are tbh.

  • scooter

    chynas never been attractive sorry but any guy that thinks differen’t probably likes the sausage

  • Johnny

    Never said I was enjoying it… just that I noticed it…

  • Briar

    Sure, JoeBob, I also watch a beheading video and half of “He’s Just Not That Into You” but that doesn’t make either any more right. Yeeshggh, “He’s Just Not That Into You”… just creepy. Creepy.

  • Spy

    Johnny you’re the only one enjoying these pics

  • me

    i would hit that

  • Johnny

    Am I the only one who noticed her nipple on picture 33?

  • stockshark28

    A lil deflated!!!

  • Ray

    They also say, “Hope she got the plate number for the truck that ran that bitch over.”

  • JoeBob

    but yeah…i wasn’t the only one who thought her and X-Pac’s vid was a little like gay porn! ha.

  • JoeBob

    admit it, Dillberg – you looked at her playboy pics just like *everyone* else! 😉

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