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Lots of Hot Shots of Mickie James & Her Curvy Butt!

  • http://facebook dennis

    as to her singing she really knows how to sing her songs sweet and like a bird in the mornimg.

  • http://facebook dennis

    mickie is my fav diva hands down . she is so hot she sizzeles. i love this gal. wwe made a big mistake on letting her go , and bring in the stupid nexs . wwe lost me .tna for me so i can see my sweet mickie james.

  • nutmonster

    dont follow her on twitter is aweful nothing but retarded posts of what she doing with her awful singing ! terrible twitterer

  • some guy

    I think mickie james is a beautiful lady. her face is adorable and she has the threee faetures that a woman’s body a hot woman’s body. She dos not have a large frame, medium to slightly petite, curvy, and in shape.

  • Nutmonster

    I wanna split her butt and hit it with my nuts

  • Nutmonster

    I like Mickey James pussy pics online lol

  • Jake

    hey! so what if Mickie has a little extra meat. Don’t you know that a little fat makes a piece of sexy meat like Mickie taste better.

  • Matthew

    yall stop with the bs. she has a nice ass

  • Julius

    Mickie James is my favorite wwe star I Love her sexy ass she is so fuckin fire real talk she is my futute wifee

  • He Got a BACYCLE

    *what the standards are

  • He Got a BACYCLE

    Mark u truly are an idiot. I todays F$$$$$ up world if a woman is over 95 pounds she is “obese” and has a binge eating disorder, and it makes me want to F$$$$$ puke. Mickie looks dam good to me Imo with a little meat on her bones and that’s not a bad thing. I was not a fan of hers, but Wwe hit an all time low with the piggy james angle especially because mc cool was the one they chose to harass her. Mc cool is prob a 105 soak n wet, and is unattractive to me for that reason alone. It blows my mind war the standards today are… Ppl need to grow up 4 real…

  • bob

    ill fuck her everydaii

  • AG

    Mickie James has got a great body. So what if she doesn’t have a flat belly or doesn’t weight 90 pounds, I like her better that way. Did someone say Mickie can’t wrestle? She’s one of the few who dominated the east coast indy scene for years before she came to WWE. She didn’t lose some Diva Search contest to get a contract neither.

    and BTW Mickie does have a cute voice as well.

  • nicole

    i like mickie james

  • J-Roc.

    lol @ the guys saying she is fat.
    You losers have probably never been laid.
    If she came up to you and offered to have sex with her you know you would do her.

  • Bronson

    At least mickie can f’n wrestle kelly’s not now CHYNA was ugly so was jacquiline (spew) girls that are stick thin aint that good ey.

  • kadeem

    she has a fat ass

  • Sasher

    Mickie James is waaay hotter than the fucking ugly bitch known as Kelly Kelly. She looks so hillbillyish and so damn stupid! And always showing her ugly front teeths. Kelly Kelly is the ugliest diva ever! Even Chyna was better than her. But now to the nice Mickie James pics, yeah she’s hot as hell but i’d rather watch her nude pics ;D

  • al

    hay just tom suck a fat dick bitch

  • TheMiz

    mickie james is the hottest diva ever, say all you want but its true

  • corey

    sorry about that the best booty in the wwe.that all to be said.

  • corey

    the best ass in wwe. thats all to be said.

  • Antoine

    ***** = GAY

  • Antoine

    yeah ur queer…no ifs ands or buts about it ur queer

  • mark

    :D. You all make me smile.

  • YoYdelilah

    Now, now guys. You shouldn`t be singling mark out just cuz he`s gay. He`s annoying me cuz all he`s doing is trolling a comments page for mickie james fans. Go away you little gay troll. Btw it`s totalLy that`s 2 TWO l`s genius. Mickie is SO HOT!!!!! 😛

  • marc

    wait…you mean I cant use the word s e x y here?

  • marc

    I gotta agree with the person who said Mickie is the best thing about the divas. As a lifelong wrestling fan I usually find the woman’s division usually boring and 3/4 of the time don’t even watch them. Maryse, Rosa abd the Bella twins are nice to look at they do send the wrong message to any female athlete in any sport. “You don’t need talent if you have huge breasts and an anorexic body”. Mickie, Beth nand melina show you can be sexy and not have a Playboy models body to be a winner. WWE shoul take a page outta TNA’s playbook and bring in a diva like awesome kong to show the fans they just don’t care about how sexy a diva looks but how talented in the ring she is. and believe me…the thought of WWE taking anything out of TNA’s playbook is a frightening concept.lol

  • Tom… just Tom

    Guys, we shouldn’t ride on mark. He’s probably a 5′ 8″ 350 pound bag of monkey crap who couldn’t get a girl like Awesome Kong, let alone Mickie James. A bit of advice mark. Having an opinion is one thing. Being obnoxious is another. Choose your words a little better and maybe you wouldn’t have people calling you a crackhead. And before you start on me, 5′ 10″, 190 with a bit of a gut that I am losing. AND a girlfriend who accepts me the way I am, just like we accept Mickie the way she is.

  • mark

    Mickie James= the best thing about the wwe divas? You’re joking right? She can’t wrestle, she’s not attractive at all and her voice can shatter glass. Call her thick bodied, fluffy, say she has a bit of feminine weight, whatever. Sugar coat it all you want, The bitch is out of shape. Just face it, Mickie James is shit. I’ll bet you like the way she comes out and jumps around on stage like a retarded cheerleader don’t you.

  • Paul

    Okay dude, you’re on crack. Having a bit of feminine weight around your middle, and having a gut are very different things. I’m six feet tall and weight three hundred pounds, I know a thing or two about a gut, and what she has ain’t it. Mickie James is (in my opinion) the best thing about the WWE Divas, in ALL aspects of modern day women’s wrestling. Personally, I think every diva that ISN’T Mickie James, Melina, or Beth Phoenix need to put ON ten pounds. Maybe then they’d stop showing me their ribs when they walk.

  • mark

    sure sure, mickie has a gut and you all know it.

  • Izzy

    There is not one ounce of cellulite on her. Have those chicks on there now are far to skinny blond models that have no in ring talent. GTFO and leave the wresting to the pros.

  • Tom… just Tom

    Why is she a heifer? Just because she isn’t 100 lbs doesn’t mean she is fat. You probably think someone like Kim Kardashian is fat too. Mickie has always been a thick bodied woman, and I’ll take her over skinny, no butt having wenches that eat a grape and say, “I’m full”

  • mark

    And WWE wanted Rosa to lose weight? Please, Mickie James is a heffer. I hope you all like yer cottage cheese, cause that bitch is nasty. Totaly uninteresting to watch.

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