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Hot New Posed Pics of Shaul Guerrero from FCW

  • adam

    @truthiness ya i was talking about her being hotter them tamina. Also she is a guerrero so she might be better in the ring. Never seen tamina actually fight.

  • Wes

    she looks a lot like vickie

  • Viper dies

    How can sumthing so pretty come from that cow

  • JD

    She’s fucking beautiful. I’d loveeee to give her a frog splash

  • JOE

    @truthiness their talking about who LOOKS better bruh calm down

  • Truthiness

    If you think she’s better than Tamina you’re an idiot.

  • Jason

    shes not chunky at all shes just not disgustingly skinny like most of the divas and knockouts.

  • killerbee

    Ok I’ll be the first to say it

    Want to bang her

  • JOE

    @mizfit thats chunky so i guess you fuck with females that ribs show huh?

  • tomc2

    voluptuous not chunky ill smash that.

  • Brian

    Rusty are you drunk when you read people’s comments about you? They are kidding. Relax.

  • adam

    anythin is better than tamina

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