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Hot Posed Pics of FCW Diva Sofia Cortez aka Ivelisse Velez

  • rko

    Nope there doesn’t seem to be any jungle baboon in this PR.
    She passes.

  • bloodstone

    what the hell is wrong with people here we have a picture of a very hot woman .and it turns to racist comments ? i think some people run their mouths to make up for their short comings if you know what i mean

  • kurt angle

    misfit del rio don’t let these losers bother you cause your mexican and there not

  • misfit del rio

    Kamalas foot, except the fact that I was born here, you idiot, and if you want to talk about border jumpers, how about you “anglos”,

  • Kamala’s Foot

    @misfit del rio

    STFU. You probably lie, cheat and steal. I hope boarder patrol catches you next time you decide to climb that fence.

  • misfit del rio

    @ dave, come on down to l.a. and say that remark to my face you ignorant racist piece of garbage. Don’t get caught slipping, punk ass bitch

  • dave

    one ugly dirty spic

  • xXx

    is her pussy on fire?

  • ##

    She is one hot ass Puerto Rican.

  • rko

    Very nice. I was rooting for her to reach the finals.

  • Second City Saint

    shes so freaking hot

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