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Hot Pics of WWE Tough Enough Contestant Michelle Deighton

  • Tammy

    i think that michelle deighton has a bad attitude and that wont give her any chanee of winning tough enought to be the next wwe diva being she is married she should just stay home and be a wife and a mother to her child, not competing on touch enough 11 years or not 11 years she does not have what it takes to become the next wwe diva wwe superstar

  • adam

    how do you know there dumb just cause thre good looking have u actually had a conversation with any of them….no didnt think so. Its not like the other company has anything better. Also natlya melina kelly gail kim michelle and aj who should be up on the roster soon are all pretty good.

  • erik

    @adam she is what wwe likes. a typicial dumb model just like layle orsa bellas k2 all who need to go back to stripping or modeling in there underwear. wwe divas=a bathroom break!

  • adam

    @nate completly agree. Also my standards are high i just know there is more then apperance. And you see someone who like her looks good but say she is alright just to A. Be different or B. you have scene girls like that before and they have turned you down. or C. Your so pissed with your own apperance you judge everyone elses higher thinking that will make u a bigger person. I would vote for D all of they above.

  • Nate

    I always laugh at people who are like “she’s ok” when that means that “ok” is probably way out of their league.

  • kriskooo

    @adam higher than yours apparently lol

  • M.C.

    She doesn’t look like a WWE diva………….. Which means she’s probably a great wrestler! Hahaha. No, there’s natalya, she’s great!

  • adam

    @kriskoo. If you think she is only ok what the hell are your standards for hot.

  • Raziel

    She’s married to Jonny Fairplay

  • Kris

    she has a “topless” pic, WWE needs to fire her, lol

  • kriskooo

    meeehhh….she’s ok i guess

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