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Hot New Pics of Rosita and Velvet Sky Playing Games

  • what

    2 hot chicks playing and you guys are talking about a tv? guys must be gay

  • Matt

    not everybody has the money to buy a tv like yours you rich snob idiots.

  • Andrew

    holy shit, I have the exact same phone and case cover…..fml, I fail

  • erik

    @adam yes that is all tna can afford. from paying old timers who can’t draw any money. flair old man hogan and all these old dogs who can even walk. i wish orton would kick hogan and flair in head. so tna can save some money.

  • adam tarasievich

    Also why are they using a old ass tv is that all tna could afford for this? I just think its funny because they have a 4g phone and are using a PS3 controler and a old shit tv.

  • adam tarasievich

    Damn there both hot as hell. Also rosirita is about a million times hotter then sarita.

  • genocide_cutter

    I wanna play with them too.

  • lou

    At least the couch didn’t have a hole or stain in it, lol. Velvet is so amazingly hot

  • venom


    Because those tvs were popluar back in the day. TNA is all about living in the past. That’s why Hogan thinks he’s the best still.

  • erik

    well so what? if tna was a multi time billion dollar enterprise like wwe. that has been around since martin luther king days like wwe has been since 1960’s tna would have top of line stuff as well. wwe’s jim johnson said when vince hired him in 1985, he started recording in a basement of a church. so wwe wasn’t always fablous 5 stars!

  • Kris

    i hear that bloodstone

  • bloodstone

    i have a game they both can play . wow both smoking hot

  • Greatness

    Lol at TNA, they could only afford a crappy TV for the photo shoot.

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