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Hot Pics of New FCW Diva Melyssa Buhl!

  • http://myspace treyvon

    she has a nice body but she ugly

  • Code Red

    Great body, mediocre face.

  • erik

    well kelly was there in wwe for 4 years and she suck in ring. in my view johhny ace v.p talent relations could care less. bellas, kelly eve rosa. what a joke!

  • damkat

    Ummm some non-pg pics there, i wonder if they will keep her….

  • david

    nasty too muscular

  • Karl

    The real question is, can she learn how to wrestle?

    People keep going on about how they don’t have female wrestlers like Trish anymore, completely forgetting the fact that Trish couldn’t wrestle worth a damn when she started. But she put in the work and turned out pretty good. If Buhl or any of the NXT divas can do the same and the WWE wants to put the effort into developing them (and that’s the real $64,000 question) then it’ll all turn out well.

  • Justin Sane

    That first pic is so overly photoshoped.
    So what if she’s “hot”!
    Can she wrestle?
    That’s where WWE is f*cking up the most in their divas division.
    They’re so quick to find and hire a cute chick with fake t*ts, but they always turn down and mistreat the ones that can actually wrestle.

  • me


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