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Hot New Photoshoot with AJ Lee Looking Sexy

  • Shay R.

    There is nothing attractive about her. I’ve seen better looking women.

  • Apacaveli

    i would show aj what a real man is **wink** **wink**..i would wear aj out **wink** **wink**

  • Tombstone

    You must be a straight male. All of us straight males have a hard(pun intended) time getting AJ out our minds. She is hot as HELL!

  • Jeff

    I dont know why but I cant get aj out of my mind.

  • http://wrestlingedge.com cool d

    What if instead of cena or dolph. Aj lee is having an affair with vince mcmahon. Remember he was asked by cena what happened in office. Vince said it was incriminating evidence. What if he is hoping that there are no videos of him and aj.

  • what?

    i dig crazy chicks

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