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Very Revealing Photos of Former WWE Announcer Ashley Valence

  • K.

    Eric, Mickie got fired because her job as singer outside the WWE…just like Maria.. Serena got fired because her drinking photo spread on internet, as The Straight Edge diva she cannot drink in public. that wwe rule.
    I don’t understand why people hate wwe when wwe hire model and not other company such as TNA that hire talentless person like Jenna Morasca. Plus, Ashley just announcer. She need wrestling skill too. Eric, you’re moron. read the title carefully…You’re TNA MARK!!!

  • erik

    @don’t ask yeah my point is wwe when it comes to female wrestlers it doesn’t take talent like it did in late 80’s with sherri martel or 90’s with ivory, tori, early 00’s jazz, victoria to be champion. now if you look cute have model background put on some boots and you can get by on looks alone. That is why layla is champion and all good divas like serena, mickie james and katie lea who had tryout for tna were fired.

  • Amy

    Well, she certainly didn’t get her job for her oral skills on the mic…but perhaps elsewhere.


    hey baby ……….give me a kiss.

  • dont ask

    wow you can say tits on here lol

  • erik

    she will be womens champion in 2 months knowing vince the moron and wwe bastards. I mean it doesn’t take any talent fake tits blonde haid throw on some boots your a wrestler.

  • wtf???

    yummy!! playboy maybe

  • cowboyz


  • JC

    She is perfect!!!

  • me

    wow like to find her in my bed

  • Dirt Devil

    That is table grade!

  • kriskooo

    DAMN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam Harding

    Ashley Valence Is HOT

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