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Hot Photos of WWE Developmental Diva Liviana!

  • Christy.

    This is Melina’s sister, her real name is Karlee Perez.

  • erik

    vince loves pretty girls i do too. but i am not a wrestling promoter. I was looking at my pwi 2010 magizine and indys roh shimmer has some hot women who look sexy and can wrestle as well. cheerleader melissa alissa flash is hot has diva look and can wrestle. april hunter looks diva but can wrestle in her wew indy and others. wwe should sign cheerleader melissa and april hunter they have looks sexy and can wrestle.

  • casey

    yea all charges are dropped she passed all dui tests…..she is very beautiful

  • Norm H.

    Hey guys…is it just me or is she wearing a prison jumpsuit in that first pic…which happens to look like a TMZ acquired mugshot?

  • Steve

    lolololol @ TNA being wrestling. “To the back! Jeff Jarrett is cleaning toilets! Hall and Waltman somehow got through our super-tight security again! Let’s go check out our latest TNA acquisition who got cut from WWE! Oh my God, it’s Sean Morley! He was barely at the Intercontinental Belt level 10 years ago! He’s come here to TNA fat and bald! Let’s put him over one of our originals!

  • Mannul

    ^^^^^^ Yeah as if you’re going to have a shot with her anytime soon,Steve. Idiot.

    I hope she can fight too. This is wrestling,not America’s Next Top Model or Who Wants To Be A Porn Star.

  • Steve

    You’re gay. “I hope she can wrestle” I hope she can give a good beejer.

  • rko

    This is one Hot Mama!

  • Mabry

    wow… really hot, hope she can wrestle…

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