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Hot Photos Of Mickie James In Tight Denim Shorts and Jeans

  • dallas daniel hessler junior

    hardcore country

  • David

    Mickie James is HOTT!!!

  • erik

    I agree with that @shay.I am not in professinal wrestling. Ihave a job and i find time to work out at gym 5 times a week. I will say mickie james in 2008 was in great shape if she did some sit ups she could get just as hot as she was 2 years ago. sarita is in great shape sixpack abs.

  • Shay

    Not complaining about weight… but– Mickie’s body can look two times better if she worked on it a little more. There was/is no excuse for being out of shape if you’re in the profession of “sports” and “entertainment”. Take pride in your craft and work to keep yourself in top shape. The same can be said for many of the male wrestlers too.

  • erik

    @spkike hammer a gut bigger than big show? I would not agree with that big show has a huge gut he is 500 pounds. mickie james gut is not as big as 500 pound big show.

  • Spike Hammer

    Are you high? She has a bigger gut than the Big Show and her nose looks like she should be in Who’s ville, not TNA.

  • Julius

    I love wwe but how can you take about Mickie James like that. That woman is so fucking fire she got a round ass.Pretty faces and a sexy ass voice. She is my future wife oh you didn’t know? Mickie james is simply awesome.Mickie James baby let me tap your ass girl damn!

  • erik

    @kuiree undertaker has backstage power and you know it. mccool is worst female wrestler of all time. when trish said it to molly she ended it fast it didn’t go on and on and on for year like it did with mccool and wwe piggie james and mickie is not even fat at time or now so how pathetic.

  • Kuiree

    this website reported dat she was treadin on thin ice LOOOOONNNNNG b4 she was released thus sending her 2 smackdown then she started complainin about bein on smackdown….I’m happy 4 her tho oh btw (@Erik) Michelle weighs more than Mickie she’s just way taller. n it’s nt like she & the undertaker wrote the storyline the writers did . How come nobody cared when Melina called the divas fat or when Trish Stratus said it 2 Molly Holly who was actually heavier than trish.

  • erik

    yeah mccool is joke. mickie james look great tonight vs sexy sarita in ring no fat all all on her tummy so fuck you vince mcbastard and mctaker too.

  • RKO20

    Give me 3 1/2 minutes…maybe even 4!

  • evilangel

    I’d luv to have just one night with Mickie.

  • rko

    She looks great as a ref.

  • Code Red

    The nerve of WWE to call her fat. Mickie’s thick and that’s how I like em. Give me that over a stick like McCool.

  • theMark

    Def lovin this….
    Mickie is TOO fine!!

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