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Very Hot New Photos of Michelle McCool in All black

  • Mr. Ass

    @bloodstone, that’s what makes her HOT! HOT! HOT! and @adam, if only laycool could pose for playboy, if wwe was tv-14, then they’d have a lesbo storyline

  • adam

    I agree with mr.mccool. If only this was a few years ago they would have her and layla in playboy. If not naked at least lose the dress and do it in a bra and thong.

  • bloodstone

    @Rucdogg i think what most people think is she very very hot but the way she carries herself she comes off as a bitch and that can make any person ugly

  • Mr McCool

    If only she was naked

  • jushin liger

    Damn the deadman rises every morning to that i can guarantee he don’t need viagra lmao.Seriously she is hot and i know it is her persona, but she never smiles anymore.She always looks like such a bitch, i wonder if she is really that bitchy in person.

  • nnla

    agreed, great shoot.

  • http://Twitter.com/GO24Seven Gilbert

    WOW, This is one of her best shoots. I love me some McCool

  • Rucdogg

    never understood why people said this woman wasnt hot, i do think she was sexier when she first started, in the diva search and when she had the whole grade school teacher gimmick, but she could still get it

  • http://aff Lake

    McCool has never really done it for me, until now.

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