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Hot New Non-WWE Pics of Eve Torres and Her Curves

  • Karl

    Implants, if done correctly, can be wonderful things. I’ve also, unfortunately, seen women with beautiful bodies who got implants that wrecked their looks, especially when they mess up the areolae.

    That said, I wouldn’t mind the opportunity to see how Eve’s turned out. 😉

  • Dick Coxafloppin

    I could stand to implant something in her.

    @Matt you are going to tell me she strips down in front of you and says come on….you’re going to look at her and say “No thanks you have implants”? What a douche. So back home to Thumbelina and her four sisters for you huh?

  • Matt

    I wouldnt say natural @BestInTheWorld, she has implants 😛

  • blah

    give it a couple of years, she’ll need the money

  • rko

    I want to do a porno with her.

  • Seth

    This is the woman who doesn’t like it when she is “lumped certain divas together as ‘model divas?'”

  • Pig

    I think I’d have to have a taste of that!

  • BestIntheWorld

    Hottest Diva in the WWE. She is just a naturally good looking girl, which really helps.

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