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Hot New Shots of Mickie James at an Indy Show!

  • feroz

    what is mickie james eating she is becoming fatter and fatter look at her tummy bulging out it is full of cheese and butter

  • http://www.marylandwrestling.com Bob

    Thats Micki James Vs. Mia Yim in JoppaTowne < Md from 10-9-10
    Mickie's last indy before her official in ring debut at the last TNA ppv… check out http://www.marylandwrestling.com

  • Tetra

    This woman is a complete SKANK!!! I just saw those nude pictures she did before joining WWE. Wow, looks like she’s been around the block a time or two from the look of it…

  • Hood up

    Don’t matter how many pounds she pack on, she still better then everyone in the wwe (talking about the divas).They don’t no who to give the belt to cause them divas are not fighters they just want to look good.T.N.A knockouts is way better then wwe divas.they let mickey go,they loss.

  • Garry Coltrane

    Some of the “hip hugger” outfits that a lot of them, including Mickie, wear make them look like they have a “gut” whether there is one or not.

  • Yo

    Really a petition? Ur really pushing it.

  • Browny914

    mickie is hot the way she is

  • erik

    Does it matter? if mickie comes back mickie will jobbed to mctaker and it will piggie james storyline all over again. p.s i hope all divas in lumberjack match ay noc attack mctaker and layla so mctaker can be out of action for year so real wrestlers like melina, natyla and gail kim will get a chance.

  • Daniel Bryan

    All Mickie James fans who want her back in WWE, pease sign this petition:

    And call at 203-352-8600, ask for “fan services” and tell them you want Mickie back.

    Also go to this site and leave a comment:


    And Mickie has twitter and facebook, so if you have an account, you can contact her and tell her you want her back in WWE.

  • snoop

    #17 is the best pic

  • erik

    @paton your point is well taken and i understand what you mean. With that being said wwe fans are paying good money to see matt hardy and others wrestle and perform in ring so if i was being paid the big money matt hardy and others were being pay i would being hitting the gym all time. Have to look good shape wise so you can have a good performance in ring hardy should know this.

  • Paton

    matt hardys stomach basically exploded a year and a half ago and for whatever reason he hasn’t had the time to really get back into decent shape so it is a bit harsh to be calling him our for carrying so extra weight

  • kill cena

    Mickie lotta love

  • lol

    the sexiest female wrestler ever!

  • erik

    @squiggy you call people pervs for looking at pics of mickie james? my friend you are doing the same thing so isn’t that like bob calling the kettle black (lol) btw how do you know what mickie is like in real life? you meet her for 2 minutes you don’t know what she is like at all. also people on here for all you know have girlfriends and are married to good people.

  • erik

    @sqiggy take that up with stephaine mcmahion head creative writer of wwe writing team who did the piggy james lame storyline. i know she is not fat alot people think that if mickie does weight 95pounds like kelly then she is fat it is society as well. it depends on your height i am 6ft3 i weight 184 pounds my doctor said the most i should weight is 205 pounds so i am in my weight range at 184 pounds.

  • squiggy

    I find it humorous that you pervs get on this site and as soon as you see the link for mickie james pics you are clicking, knowing she is naturally a slightly bigger built woman.Even more humorous is the fact that none of you will get a woman even half as great looking and nowhere near the personality.I know of her personality from a personal experience with her.My oldest son and i spent almost a half hour with her at cincinnati airport before boarding our plane.This was about 3 months ago.she signed every autograph and took a zillion pics with everybody who asked and she answered every question my 11 yr old son asked and that in itself was amazing lol.Upon 1st meeting her she really is short,maybe 5’3 and doesnt weigh over 130-140 lbs.Is that really considered fat or even thick? She just had an average type build for someone with that much cleavage and that much booty.Seriously i just wish people would grow up and realize obesity is growing at an alarming rate in the united states and we need to make people aware of what to do, instead of trashing on a girl who would normally be a bigger woman, but keeps exercising and keeping the weight under control.she is nowhere near fat by any standards.people in glass houses should not throw stones. -peace-

  • Hombre Malo

    Mickie needs to get back to how she looked when she was in “leg show”. Shes way too thick for that outfit. She should wear something more flattering for her current build.

  • The Noble Geek

    @ erik I’d say Mickie has packed on a bit more than 3 – 4 lbs. Yes, Matt is pushing maximum density too. Big Show has also been steadily putting the tonnage back on since his return in 2008.

  • erik

    @ the noble geek so she gained 3-4 pounds have you seen matt hardy aka fat hardy he gained at least 65 pounds in abs and wwe says nothing. he is like batista 300pounds but all fat not muscle.

  • The Noble Geek

    I really hated the WWE for the Piggy James angle. On the other hand, these pictures do clearly show Mickie has been taking a few extra trips to the buffet table.

  • Big Daddy

    Wow….look how extremely short she is? She’s like snooki height.

  • rko

    The divas division is not the same without her.

  • Logan

    Damn I miss her 🙁

  • misfit

    Like it matters, mickie is the hottest and most talented diva ever

  • Sam

    Who was she wrestling?

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