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Hot Candids of Trish Stratus Hosting RAW!

  • Randy Sullivan

    Trish Didn’t quit because of botox she’s all real, she quit because she was getting married and wanted to raise a family.

  • johnny d

    have luna bring in awesome kong to help natalya get the women’s belt and destroy that divas/models belt. luna taught natalya. those 3 together would destroy every other woman in the wwe. yes!

  • jay

    Trish is f****** hot men ya

  • Jay

    Trish Stratus is nothing but plastic surgery all up and down….she quit b4 the “testing”Because botox is a drug kids…

  • baddog12k

    I love her!!! she did awesome looked fantastic as always and gave reason to actually like a guest host

  • Russ

    she needs to come back already…i think she will…WWE is slowly bringing her back…its obvious…they went there 3 times for Raw & the last 2 times she came back & she wrestled…its only a matter of time

  • Sacher


  • Morgan921

    nahh man, she was sooo better blonde. still smokin though

  • wooooo!!!

    trish definitely looks better with brown hair then she ever did with blonde hair

  • webofdeception

    Trish has a bust of Boba Fett! and a rather anatomical bust as well!

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