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Hot Bikini Candids from Kelly Kelly’s Maxim Shoot

  • voice of reason

    can’t say more than old santino there

  • santino sicilian cool

    @ mark i totally agree with you, i have heard a phrase “listen to your customers” & in this social age we live in i do feel that if companies such as roh, tna & the wwe came to sites just like this then they would have a thousand new directions to take their respective companies but i just feel that the product that the wwe in particular is producing is kind of pathetic, if they bothered listening to the fans over 25 then the product would become worth while again because lately i’ve said “raw is about to start meh” even down to the ppv’s i used to get so damned excited about wrestlemania but now all i get is the “meh” feeling hell i don’t buy the ppv’s anymore because it’s nothing but pure shite.

  • StudDog

    @voice of reason

    Yeah I caught that too. Good one, Funny as hell.

    SEMPER FI!!!

  • Mark

    @voice of reason..I have said the exact same thing. I had stopped watching the actual wrestling programming for a while, but I have followed the various post on this site. These post have been some of the funniest, most original comedy that I have read in a while. They have been the only thing that has kept me interested as a fan. And yes I know it sounds like I am pandering to the crowd, but it is the truth. i would think that in this age of social media, the promotions suchs as WWE, TNA, ROH and the others would actually read some of this stuff. In my opinion, if they did, then there would be such a renewed interest because it would seem like they cared.

  • CM Mark

    God she is fine… She is truly a work of art. I miss the old ECW days where she used to strip and tease the crowd.

  • voice of reason

    @ studdog semper fi mate, i was reading the posts it’s late & i cant sleep & i got to the day orblind comment i thought his keyboard sucks like mine but then i scroll down & see a person calling themselves day orblind & i had a great laugh this site does have some funny buggers & they always make me laugh.

  • Day Orblind

    Hey dont pin this on me. I think Kelly is hot too!

  • StudDog

    ^^^^^ LOL None taken.

  • Jerk Factor

    @ Stud Dog yeah I know I was just joshin’ with ya, no offence meant.

  • StudDog

    Should have read gay or blind. Sorry it was late.

  • Jerk Factor

    @ StudDog who the fuck is Day Orblind?

  • Diesel

    Excuse me folks….

    *locks door*


  • StudDog

    DAMN!!! Anybody who doesnt think kelly is hot as hell is either day orblind.

    SEMPER FI!!!

  • Jedi Master Yoda

    Temptation is the path to the dark side.

  • xXx


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