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Gorgeous Photos of Kelly Kelly in Sexy Pink Thong Bikini

  • josh


  • Arman

    I wish Kelly entered my room in that bikini and started stripping. Boy, we would be fucking everywhere, first on the wall then on the bed for hours and sucking those….

  • Artman

    I hate you so much right now, justin gabriel..

  • moi

    glad that these pictures are not PG13!!! I am a Canadian, but GOD BLESS the USA for producing Kelly Kelly!!!!! YUM! ^_^

  • bloodstone

    all i can say is WOW

  • Ronald

    I envy Justin Gabriel.

  • 28DaysLater

    As Michael Cole would say, and I quote: OH MY!

    It’s good to see this place isn’t full of those liars who try to kid themselves into thinking she’s unattractive or anything but a stone cold fox.

  • CM Mark

    Well said Kawika. I love Kelly Kelly, she is amazing….

  • Kawika

    to quote ron simmons “DAMN”

  • John

    She has an amazing @$$. The things I’d do to this girl. She is perfect.

  • Rucdogg

    Not into the skinny chics, but if i was, shed be the one to get into

  • Mike

    She’s amazing. She’s perfect. nuff said.

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