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Christina Crawford – New FCW Diva and Alicia Fox’s Sister!

  • erik

    she can’t wrestle 97 percent of divas can’t wrestle she looks hot so she will be 3 time womens champion in year just like tits and ass layla.

  • the truth

    hahaha Swagger cracks me up

  • Dirty Sea Bass

    Is Alicia Fox and JAck Swagger dating? Also her sister looks like a little girl.

  • nickleus

    this is the sexiest ive ever seen alicia fox WOW

  • keith

    I thank swagger is a homo

  • keith

    I thank Swagger is gay

  • edgehead15

    guys swagger is tapping a porn star. Anyway she has nothing on her sis!

  • sroeballs

    Alicia is beautiful but her sister is nothing special. However, if Swagger is tapping either sister… mucho props 🙂

  • Truthiness

    Hot? I don’t think so. Pic number two is far from hot.

  • xTHExRZAx187

    rko we know u hate black people already, redneck. & what if jack likes black chicks? ain’t nothing wrong with that. i like black chicks make a joke about me.

  • rko

    Eww. Jack is trashed.

  • lamar williams

    She alright lookin I’ll give her that,but the question is can she wrestle???? And does Jack Swagger have a thing 4 the sistahs??? LOL J/P :-)LOVE KNOWS NO COLOR

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