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Candid Pics Of Michelle McCool From Her Personal Twitter Page

  • adam

    once again some great minds on this page. There are more reason’s to leave a women and go with a new one then looks.

  • bloodstone

    and the undertaker left sarah for her WHY?

  • nnla

    wait a women looks like she aged as years have passed????? wow what a freakin concept!!! The things I learn on an every day basis… freakin morons!

  • oxslangshoot

    you fucking ugly slut

  • rick

    She really does look like a transexual…. it’s uncanny.


    Dang McCool looks like a cougar or something in pic number 4, She must of had NO makeup on.

  • Vincent

    Someone looks older than they did 7 years ago? Wow.

  • k91xxx

    white women age fast as cuss !! plus the ton of make up she uses ! but don’t get me wrong she wood still get my undertaker haha!

  • !?

    Nikki has a more chiseled chin and Brie has a bigger but (plus tattoos). I agree with Rucdogg, she look a hella lot older than she did 7 Years ago, wow it is hard believe that she has been in WWE that long. I still say she is an attractive woman.

  • Jason

    wow the bella twin looks good michelle is ok but the bella looks way better i wish i could tell them a apart but both nikki and bri bella are sexay

  • Rucdogg

    If she wants to look hot, she need not stand next to Layla or a Bella twin. Is it me or does she look like shes aged 10 years since the diva search?

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