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Candid Pics: Melina In Very Tight Figure Hugging Pleather



    Jesus DAMN she’s sexy

  • Justin Justice

    HOW did Melina’s manage to fit into the Spider-Woman costume?! I mean yes she’s got a good tight body and all…but her tits ARE HUUUUUUGE…I’m shocked she even managed to get them to fit INTO the spaces in the costume lmao

    ….I gotta say however I don’t think its possible for Melina to look ugly….she looks HOT even in this costume…personally I’d like to see her wrestle in the costume more often

  • hanzo

    I guess WWE wants in on the Avengers movie Marvel are making next year 🙂 she does resemble the character alot in that outfit though so hey if Spder-Woman is in the new movie they could do worse than hire her for a cameo, in ring though i can forcee wardrobe malfunctions aplenty in a match thats longer than 5 mins.

  • http://www.uctf.com Jamal

    Spider-Woman a.k.a. Jessica Drew

  • erik

    @vamphirekiller if you miss tv14 than don’t watch wwe tv raw, smackdown etc i mean i haven’t watch the garbage since early september so don’t watch it and the rating for raw is snoore will go down.

  • Vampirekiller

    Love pic 8. man I remember when she first came and I would watch MNM just for that entrance. man I miss tv 14

  • damkat

    yep, like #8 too..

  • kriskooo

    pik #8 lol..nice

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