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Bri Bella’s Big Curvy Booty in Very Tight Dress

  • Troy

    I would tap that,but she wouldn’t let me near her.

  • Eddie

    wow she has awesome buns of steel… It kind look like she has th0ng under that dress and that’s not junk in the trunk…

  • donmezzly

    @ Dale i agree wit u bro

  • Gilbert

    @darnell Yup this is actually Nikki. She is the more curvyer one out of the two. She has a little more meat on her bones, and has some great legs. I know my Bella’s. haha

  • http://Wrestlezone Future_Of_The_Wwe

    The Things I Would Do To That Girl
    Sorry This Is Not A Rated `R` Website Show Is It?

  • Devil_Rising

    Anyone who thinks that is “junk in the trunk”, is either smoking something or just stupid. That is NOT junk.

    That, gentlemen, is what is known as a GORGEOUS a$$. End of story.

  • darnell

    it’s actually nikki who has the big ass not bri. you people really need to do your homework before posting this stuff

  • Aaron

    seriously though I did not think it was that big. It almost looks as if she stole the buttt from the security guard haha

  • Sam

    by any chance is that a lesa in the background staring at BRIE BELLAS booty???

  • Sam

    by any chance is that a lesbian in the background staring at BRIE BELLAS ass…………

  • SusyRko

    Yes one of the bellas has bigger legs also one has a more soft face, they are beautiful to me.

  • Dale

    for picks 1 & 2, I would do some really nasty thing to it HAHAHA

  • kane

    @ franchise the bella’s admitted that the best way to tell them apart is to look at their butts since bri has a bigger and rounder butt than nikki. she is said to be very proud of it as well.

  • Franchise

    My buddy thinks Im crazy but I try to tell him one of the Bella twins has nicer legs and ass than the other, this proves it!

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