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Pics Of Layla’s Amazingly Curvey Ass

  • wooo

    im not going to be like these guys saying i would like to kiss ur ass ect. but her ass and her body is very nice she work out and diet like hell to have that butt and body

  • Dystre Fjell

    In my opinion, Maryse has got it all. I know fake this and fake that, but still, she’s got you going WOOOAAAHHHGGHH !! Hail girls from Quebec !

  • Manuel

    She got REALLY FAT over the past years, she gained 30 pounds.

  • Joe Piscapo

    Layla > your favorite diva/knockout

  • Matt

    Layla makes my pipi go dong dong dong

  • rko

    She is part Moraccan. Most likely arab.

  • me

    best everything in WWE, not just ass, what about her ti_ts? she has amazing ti_ts and they are natural.


    I believe she is part Moroccan which would explain the ethnic part. Boooooooooy the things I would do to her! Greatest A ss in WWE. And IN MY OPINION the sexiest diva in WWE. And the chick in front of her in pic 4 kinda has a nice ass too. Can’t see the whole thing but you can tell from the curve.

  • drizzt73

    Keith Learmonth: Thanks, I was just wondering because it adds to her beauty.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Drizzt73: From what I understand, one of her parents was “African European”.

  • drizzt73

    I she Welsh like Catherine Zeta Jones. Where does she get her dark hair and complexion.

  • adam tarasievich

    3rd picture is the best OMG greatest ass in the wwe. They need to let her show it more.

  • cena approved

    Yeah Mr.HARDCORE why haven’t you left yet?

  • Vampirekiller

    two things:
    one-Cody Rhodes has to be one of the luckiest men ever. Beth Phoneix now Layla.
    two-I would eat her A*& for hours

  • Andrew

    Nice cheeks !!!

  • Andrew

    Would love to kiss her ass !!!

  • Dave

    2 is the best. But why does she have an Edge shirt on?

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