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27 Hot Pics of Trish Stratus Working Out for Fitness TV!

  • StudDog

    k91xxx, kitkrock, Tommy

    Damn! three dumbasses in a row. Now why dont you go on back in your Moms basement and masturbate to your Backdoor into China videos some more?

  • got 99 problems but Trish ain’t one

    I’m glad Morrison snubbed her.

  • http://twitter.com/raycarson77 Ray

    wow weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hot hot hot!

  • Tommy

    She’s hot but her face is starting to get old.

    Don’t get me wrong guys she’s hot.

  • kitkrock

    i love her breasts but her face is ugly like shit.

  • k91xxx

    she got old in fake looking but she would get it !!!!!!!!!

  • TwiztidRoman

    She needs to tape a sex tape and get hacked lol

  • That Guy

    ummm….. I want her babies!!………….

  • voice of reason

    but who can go past that amazing smile of hers

  • Marc

    Pic 25, good lord!

  • voice of reason

    pic no 3 does it for me

  • Rucdogg

    Um, picture number 2 is the best…and I havent even looked at the rest

  • SaveUs.150FPS
  • Vic

    There is just no words to describe. To me, Trish will always be the hottest diva off all time!!!

  • Chris

    One of the hottest for sure but not one of the greatest female wrestlers ever. Not even close.

  • Robinson

    Thats why she will always be the hottest and one of the mist talented female wrestlers ever!!!

  • voice of reason

    looks like i’m taking up yoga i never knew yoga chicks were so hot

  • xXx

    omfg fap fap fap fap….

  • Logan

    Damn, still got it!

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